How to add Accessories to your Updo

I want to apologize for my lack of postings in the last few month, I decided to take a couple college classes and during my first semester I was learning how to juggle school, work, and my personal life (or lack there of). This summer I will be making a point to keep up with my blogging, as I will have lots to share! There are a lot of fun and exciting things I have planned this summer, including a lot of weddings, that I cant wait to share with you guys!

So, with wedding season having already started I thought I would make tonights post a fun one, about something I have found a lot of brides are indecisive and sometimes insecure about... ACCESSORIES! Doesn't sound too scary, right? Well I don't usually get the chance to work with hair accessories during the trial because the bride is either uncertain about what style she wants, she may not even have her dress yet, and hell maybe she was too busy to have picked one up yet! Nevertheless, bridal hair accessories like everything else with a "wedding" label, can be expensive. I was so spoiled when this beautiful bride walked in with a box of gorgeous accessories from her aunts bridal store.

First, we established the style she wanted...


Than came the accessories!!


She had the most beautiful hair! All of the accessories looked great, she will be wearing a veil on the day of her wedding so that is something you also want to keep in mind. All of these pieces give off a different vibe; rustic, classic, chic, and glamorous.
Sometimes a simple texture such as a twist, or a braid can be all the accessory you need! Its  important to play around and get what is right for you and your style. Just remember to keep it simple and stay true to yourself and what you want.
It happened to be her bridal shower the day of her trial so I wanted to give her a style that would hint towards her wedding day do without giving it all away. 

I spy Kelly Jones doing what shes does best on this lovely bride ;)

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